GroupCalendar™ for Outlook® 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007


Current version 1.6.85 (March 05-07)   

- Added a new setting to disable server ping when SQL server is being used. (in INI file DoPing=True or False)
- Added a checkbox to unload serveral forms automatically
- Bug fix for the following issue: A delegate creates an item for another user. That user has "sync to personal calendar" enabled (pda user). The "pda user"  synchronizes. The delegate item is being created twice in the personal calendar and after edit of the item and synchronization, the item is being removed from the persoanl calendar,


Version history

From 1.6.83  to1.6.84 (10-23-06)  

- bug fix; When creating an item for another user in the GC and systray-sync is doing a sync, the item created for the other user is not visible in the GC
- bug fix; When creating an item for another user in the GC, the time to wait before one can continue to work in Outlook increases as database grows with more records.
- bug fix; When a user has "sync to personal calendar" ON and another user deletes his own appointments, the items don't delete from the personal calendar.
- bug fix; Grid view shows recurring items with a bi-weekly pattern as a weekly pattern

- Added "Unload this message automatically" option to the help windows that opens after clicking the edit button.
- Added the option to change the username that other users see in the user-list when they create an item as a delegate. (previously this had to be done in the registry)

From 1.6.82  to1.6.83 (06-28-06)

- Added a registry key for terminal server / Citrix users that want to control the location where GroupCalendar creates the INI files for its users.
To use this option, add the ini path to the following registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\OpusFlow\GC add a REGSZ value with name: IniPath (type the path without a trailing backslash).
- Added a visible message to the OLclose component to inform the user that outlook should not be restarted before that message box unloads.
- Added functionality so the grid view now remembers its last position and size.
- Added a grid view option to auto refresh every 3 minutes so you can leave it running all the time as an alternative to looking in the GroupCalendar folder, or use a projector to display it at the wall of your office so everyone can look at it as if where an old-fashioned, self refreshing, gant-style plan board.
- Added an option to alow a user to prevent that the message, which indicates succesfull loading of the groupcalendar, unloads itself.
- Added an option to alow a user to prevent that the message, which indicates that a delegate created an item in his calendar, unloads itself.

- Fix: when creating appointments for another user as a delegate, now the department value of that other user is correctly used.
- Fix: the setting to disable reminders in the groupcalendar did not in all cases prevent reminders.
- Fix; for users that have the 'sync GC items to personal calendar' option in use and got bloated with reminders for past due tasks.
- Fix: Grid view filter options (free/busy/etc) did not work since previous version. 
- Fix: outlook 2003 Sp2 changes caused duplicates in the groupcalendar when a user accepts a meeting invitation.

From 1.6.81  to1.6.82 (03-06-06)  

- FIX: gcsystray cpu use too high after one hour.
- FIX: gridview query error on Italian computers
- FIX: Animated gif error on computers with non English installation path (not "Program Files" )
- Performance fix: Gridview no longer shows appointments older than 8 days.
- Feature: When users have the 'don't participate' option checked, they can still add some items 
                 to the groupcalendar when they add +++ to the body of the appointment.
- Fix: When users sync to personal calendar to sync the groupcalendar to the PDA, 
          the items that are in the groupcalendar of that user no longer sync back to the
    personal calendar. Previously these items were visible twice in the personal calendar.


From 1.6.79  to1.6.81 (01-04-06)  

- memory leak gcsystray
- number of different errors: 3157 ; 3167 ; 91 (when synchronizing) ; 3260
- overflow in grid view
- fix for checking routines (duplicate removal was not working)
- Disable reminders in the GC and an option to re-enable them.
- New option to use the personal calendar folder as combined personal + group calendar so 
pda users can use a category filter to display group items in the pda calendar.
- When using a sql server database and loosing the network connection to it or starting outlook 
  without a connection to it; GroupCalendar now pops up a message to give the user the option to switch to the off-line database.
- fixed grid view display of single all-day events who were wrongly displayed as two day events.
- disable manual sync when autosync is doing that already
- @@@ items no longer visible in GC when created for others.


From 1.6.78  to1.6.79 (06-22-05)  

- pocket pc / Active Sync appointments caused duplication and hidden items not being recognized as hidden. (ActiveSync 4.0 beta works OK now)
- incorrect message when delegate creates appointment for other user. Message did not correctly show the delegate name and appointment details.
- When working offline with the main database on a SQL server, without restarting Outlook,  reconnecting  could create multiple copies of the offline items in the group calendar and database.
- Some users report automatic unchecking of the "Launch Auto-sync on Outlook start-up" setting. 
- Allday events deleted from the personal calendar would sometimes remain on the Group Calendar.


From 1.6.77  to1.6.78 (06-15-05) (hotfix)

- Synchronization error message about start date being before end date. 
- Synchronization problem with regards to location not being displayed in GC appointments.
- Language reset to English.

From 1.6.76  to1.6.77 (05-04-05)  


- error message in grid view on pc with dot as date seperator.
- grid view not displaying recurring appointments correctly if one of the recurrences was deleted.
- password of sql server login no longer visible in database connection setting.

From 1.6.75  to1.6.76 (04-26-05)  


-  SQL server performance improvement with stored procedures. (faster synchronization)
-  Improved performance of the Grid view 


- error message when starting to use a new empty sql server database
- Outlook 2003 shutdown problem fixed
- Strange bug on Swedish Outlook causing systray sync to malfunction
- Switching from Access database to SQL now works without restart.

From 1.6.74  to1.6.75 (03-18-05)  


- added a INI setting to make private appointments invisable like @@@ does.
- added advanced settings to systemtray to enable or disable the database check routines. (right click the gcsystray tool)
- systray autosync tool now starts an initial synchronization directly at startup.
- changed refresh groupcalendar option-button to normal click button.
- restricted user department administration for version SETUPUK. SetupUKDA can change the department value, SetupUK can't
- added a checkbox (under INFO) to indicate that there is no network connection to the central database. This setting is not volatile and will be used at the next Outlook startup.
- the first user to log on to the database that day will automatically perform maintenance on the database to keep it small and in good health.
- database backups will be created automatically and kept for up to 3 days.
- after selecting the central groupcalendar to connect to, now a check is being done to make sure the user has sufficient rights.
- installation path is now freely choosable at setup. 


- Database Check routines could start after one hour and never stop. Causing unreponsive Outlook behavior and error messages about a locked database.
- implemented workaround for outlook bug causing user not to be able to select the groupcalendar folder.
- added a helper (Olclose.exe) to fix Outlook shutdown problems. (Outlook has a way of remaining in memory).
- workaround for bug on some 2003 terminal servers or Cytrix server environments. Initial start of GroupCalendar or the use of the Delegate function hangs Outlook. 
  workaround: Create a txt file named SBC.TXT and place it in the c:\program files\group calendar directory on the terminal server.
- added new method to connect to the central database when windows is not responding in timely fashion when accessing the shared drive.
- fixed bug that all groupcalendar items are colored light blue (tentative). Now only items created by a delegate are light blue until the new owner synchronized.

From 1.6.73  to1.6.74 (01-06-05)  


- Another fix for the check routines. Certain date/time setting resulted in removal of appointments from the group calendar because the check evaluated a (wrong) date range containing no appointments.


From 1.6.72  to1.6.73 (01-03-05)  

- Systray sync. utility lower cpu priority 
- Check routines fix. When network database is not reachable the check no longer runs. 

From 1.6.71  to1.6.72 (12-01-04)  

- improved error messages
- fixed bug introduced in version 1.6.71 for systems with a dot as date/time separator
- improved the hourly check routine
- type mismatch error (#13) 

Features: - date/time stamp added to the item that a delegate creates in other users calendars.

From 1.6.70  to1.6.71 (11-22-04)  

Fixes: - Errors related to the central database with messages like ; Could not update; Record deleted; Could not lock file 

From 1.6.69  to1.6.70 (11-05-04)  

Features: - Added routines to the systray synchronizer to compare database information with the information
in the personal calendar. Outlook hickups or other small problems that could cause GroupCalendar to not see
mutations now only have a temporary impact. After a while the groupCalendar will be in sync again with the
personal calendars.

From 1.6.68 to1.6.69 (10-04-04) Fixes: A number of problems with the recently introduced Grid View

From 1.6.67 to 1.6.68 (09-24-04) 

Fixes: - When using SQL server and not using Department values, synchronization of the group calendar was not complete.  
- When usingSQL server and a reversed sorting order, synchronization of the group calendar was not complete.
- When connecting to a database for the first time, the import of existing items would not always import all recurring appointments.
- Synchronization of recurring appointments with exceptions could create bad items in the groupcalendar.
- Error message "SQL Server database not available! Check you database connection. Appointment not logged!" fixed whenimporting.
- Background synchronization (gcsystray) steals focus, fixed.
- Creating a copy of an appointment in the personal calendar would cause the original item to get disconnected from the public item in the GC. - Fixed

New features:
- New checkbox in [synchronize groupcalendar] form. Ticking this cleans out the GroupCalendar folder and recreates all items.
- New button in [synchronize groupcalendar] toexport personal calendar items into the groupcalendar.
- New printable view (grid view) added.
- New setting hidden under the INFO button. Forces GroupCalendar to work offline for the remainder of the outlook session.

From 1.6.66 to 1.6.67 (08-04-04)

From 1.6.65 to 1.6.66 (07-27-04)

From 1.6.64 to 1.6.65 (07-01-04)

From 1.6.63 to 1.6.64 (06-20-04)

From 1.6.62 to 1.6.63 (06-17-04)

From 1.6.61 to 1.6.62 (06-09-04)

From 1.6.60 to 1.6.61(04-16-04)

From 1.6.59 to 1.6.60(04-07-04)

From 1.6.58 to 1.6.59 (03-12-04)

From 1.6.57 to 1.6.58 (01-22-04) * Bugfix for error 424 "error adding appointment" while synchronizing.
* Bugfix for question "Is this an appointment for another user" question while synchronizing.

From 1.6.56 to 1.6.57 (11-24-03) * Recurring appointment of type 'all day, weekdays only' behaved incorrectly. fixed
* Issue with software for product called 'Dymo label writer'. fixed

From 1.6.55 to 1.6.56 (11-20-03) * After manual sync, sync form closes now automatically.
* Recurring items, edited by a delegate, would not always behave correctly. fixed.
* Users with a nickname set for whom a item was edited by a delegate would not pick the change up. fixed.
GCimport tool update: Now it imports all existing appointments including recurring items.

From 1.6.54 to 1.6.55 (11-18-03) - By popular demand: Users can now view (and administer) the group calendar without having their own calendars being monitored. Secretaries will welcome this option under 'settings - userinfo'.
* GC likes to have at least one item in the sent items folder to learn the username from.
If it's not there it will tell the user now.
* GC depends on a good up to date Outlook installation. It now checks the servicepack level and
if needed presents the user a button to upgrade Outlook from the MS website.
* Added a button to open the 'creating views guide' on the Internet in the 'settings - userinfo' section.
* Systray sync would not close during a sync cycle if the user closed Outlook resulting in error 424.
* Changing your nickname or department value would not reflect on appointments directly
but only after restart of Outlook.

From 1.6.53 to 1.6.54 (nov 11 - 03)
* In version 1.6.53, and only when using Outlook XP, changes to existing items in the
personal calendar where not always picked up by GC.
* Changes to the department where only visible in the GC after restart of Outlook.
Now it's directly after change.
* Nicknames could still be logged in the userlist.

From 1.6.52 to 1.6.53 (oct 28 - 03)
* In version 1.6.52, moving a item around in your personal calendar twice, the second time you do that it might not reflect in the GC folder.
* Enter a nickname and both the nickname and the full name might be logged in the users table. Also fixed now.
* GC not being able to find out what your name is and logging the date. Added some additional methods to find out the correct user name.

From 1.6.51 to 1.6.52 (Sep 05 - 03)
New feature: It's now possible to change the name that shows up in the GC for a user to a smaller string like the initials of that user.
* New setting: 60 minute and 120 minute sync interval added to autosync systray tool.
* Fix : Department field of appointments in the Group Calendar folder would not alway be filled correctly. As a result, the created filters for the Group Calendar folder would not work.

from 1.6.50 to 1.6.51 (Aug 31 - 03)
Major fix:
- Outlook XP sp1 users could experience that deletion of a item from the personal calendar would not delete it from the GroupCalendar. This problem was introduced in version 1.6.49 and fixed in 1.6.51

from 1.6.49 to current 1.6.50 (Aug 26 - 03)
Major fix:
- Changed redistributed component included in the setup to new version. Expected to solve various strange behavior with regards to mail connectivity and Outlook stability.

from 1.6.48 to current 1.6.49 (Aug 25 - 03)
Medium improvement:
- New setting in Sync GroupCalendar form: "Enable fast mode" checked by default. If this option is checked, Group Calendar assumes that Outlook works as it is supposed to. If sync errors occur, the user can check this option to have the problem solved by GC.
- Fixed bug when user started to select the group calendar folder but presses cancel instead.

from 1.6.47 to 1.6.48 (Aug 18 - 03)
Minor improvements and fixes:
- Improved performance and startup

from 1.6.46 to 1.6.47 (Aug 8 - 03)
Minor improvements and fixes:
- Error 430 when synchronizing in combination with special recurring items; fixed.

from 1.6.45 to 1.6.46 (July 16 - 03)
Minor improvements and fixes:
- Error 430 when synchronizing ; fixed.
- Double items in Group Calendar if a traveling Exchange Server user connects again to Exchange with setupUK installed; fixed
- Slightly better performance
- Users of VoiceMail software integrated with Outlook where recognized by the name they have in that software. Workaround implemented.

from 1.6.44 to 1.6.45 (July 11 - 03)
Major improvements and fixes:
-Once set, the connection to the central database can be broken and still Group Calendar continues to work.
- Multiple GCsystray.exe tools could run in the background. ; fixed
- Creating a personal item in the Outlook Group Calendar folder is now supported in version UKDA.
- Appointments created as a delegate for another user will continue to show tentative in the Group Calendar folder untill the other user has it in the personal Outlook calendar.
- Helpdesk functionality can be switched off in the licensed version when requested by licensee.
- More instructions when needed.

from 1.6.43 to 1.6.44 (June 27 - 03)
- Typing @@@ in the body of a new appointment will prevent it from becoming visible in the Group Calendar.

from 1.6.42 to 1.6.43 (June 25 - 03)
Minor fix:
- Fix for "Database not found" error while database is in fact available on a slow (network) drive.

from 1.6.41 to 1.6.42 (June 24 - 03)
- In this version delegate access is enabled. Users can create and edit appointments for collegues.
- gcimport.exe has been improved. You can now select a start and end date.

from 1.6.40 to 1.6.41 (June 18 - 03)
Minor fix:
- Items that don't belong in the Group Calendar will now be removed when sync is initiated
- "Database not found" error, while connected to the shared drive, fixed.

from 1.6.39 to 1.6.40 (June 11 - 03)
Medium fix:
- A big THANK YOU to all outlook XP users that have been so helpfull in isolating the problems we have had. We introduced a new bug while fixing the double items bug that was bothering some users of Outlook XP. The manual sync presented a "dialog box open" error and that has been fixed. Also the synchronization of a selected date-range has been reviewed and is now as it should be.

from 1.6.38 to 1.6.39 (June 10 - 03)
Bix fix:
- Some non-exchange server users still reported double items when synchronizing the GC folder either manualy or with the Systray tool. Complete review of this part of the program done to make sure ( in various logical ways) that it will not happen anymore.

from 1.6.36 to 1.6.38 (June 05 - 03)
Functionality change:
- If more users work on the same installation (pc or terminal session) they can now all use their own personal settings. To install on terminal server or for all users on the pc at once, move the registration in the registry from HKEY_CURRENT_USER to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. The add-in will then be used by all users on the pc and they will not be able to remove it from the com add-in manager in Outlook.

from 1.6.35 to 1.6.36 (May 30 - 03)
Big fix:
- Some users still report problems with deletion of items from the GC folder. GC now tries to find/delete the item using a different method if the problem occurs.

from 1.6.34 to 1.6.35 (May 26 - 03)
Big fix:
- Not all types of recurring appoinments where updating correctly on the NON-Exchange server version

from 1.6.33 to 1.6.34 (May 25 - 03)
Big fix:
- Aggressive implemented fix for Outlook bug causing double items in GC folder on 1% of the users pc's.

from 1.6.32 to 1.6.33 (May 22 - 03)
Minor fix:
- ReadMe.txt in setup showing wrong version.

from 1.6.31 to 1.6.32 (May 19 - 03)
Medium fix:
- Workaround for Outlook bug that sometimes prevented succesful update of group calendar in a Exchange public folder.

from 1.6.30 to 1.6.31 (May 14 - 03)
Medium fix:
- Deleted appointment items are now no longer in recycle bin.
- Gentle fix effort for meeting cancelation not being removed from GC folder in Exchange environment.

from 1.6.29 to 1.6.30 (May 13 - 03)
Not released to the public

from 1.6.28 to 1.6.29 (May 12 - 03)
Medium FIX:
- Autosync in systray now stops in one minute when outlook stops.
- Only one autosync can run in the system tray.
- Outlook XP error workaround implemented for users without SP2 post fixes

from 1.6.27 to 1.6.28 (Apr 11 - 03)
Medium FIX:
- If no database connection is available the buttons to select the database again are missing.
- Departmnt field not updated correctly for non-exchange server users. Filters and views on the GC folder not correct.
- Large number of backup databases in user directory. -> backup functionality removed and left to user

from 1.6.26 to 1.6.27 (Mar 31 - 03)
Medium FIX:
English language clients of Outlook are not able to create a working "Department" view/filter with version 1.6.26 The "Department"field has been replaced by "Departmnt" to base the Outlook views on.

from 1.6.25 to 1.6.26 (Mar 14 - 03)
Minor FIX:
Some short date settings resulted in a sync error. Mostly seen on German/French systems.

From 1.6.23 to 1.6.25 (Mar 12 - 03)
Many thanks to mr. P. van Brummelen from company DataMail for reporting a bug in the synchronisation of the non-Exchange Server version.
Due to that bug, versions prior to 1.6.24 may notice that deleted appointments are not deleted in every users group calendar subfolder.


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